Selasa, 24 April 2012

Main Game dibayar Dollar

Game Casino Online
Main Coin di Bayar Dolar

Kalau mau main Game diatas Anda harus punya Account LIBERTY RESERVE, klik link dibawah ini untuk daftar gratis :

Setelah Anda mempunyai Dolar banyak dapat ditukarkan jadi Rupiah ke salah satu link dibawah ini pilih salah satu


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  1. Play here:
    Get 0.04$ free and 0.02$ for referral account
    How to play:

    * Click to button BONUS if this is the first time you play at our site. Make deposit $0.01 and our site will send you back $0.04 and send to account invited you 0.02$ (The limited bonus every day is less than 1.5$ and direct access to this site is not allowed.).
    * Click to button SAME or button DIFF and make a spend from your account.
    * After transaction completed, you have your NR.
    * Our system will send $0.01 back to your account.
    * After transaction completed, we have our NR.
    * We using your NR and our NR to decide the result of the game.


    * You will win the game with 199%:
    If you bet SAME and your NR color is same to our NR color.
    If you bet DIFF and your NR color is different from our NR color.
    * You will win upto 250% of your amount if last 2 digits of our NR is one of the following values: 33 / 66.
    * You will lost the game in all another case.
    * If you WIN, last 2 digits of our NR is 99 and amount bet >= 1$.
    ==> You will win all JACKPOT money.
    Otherwise, JACKPOT money will be added 1% of your amount bet.
    Jackpot will be processed by manual within 48 hours.
    * The coin will be in the air if you have any modification of transaction.
    * Min bet $0.25, max bet $500. Spending out of range will return 100% of your spend based.